New Hardtop Handle With 2 Keys. For ANY hardtop With Lever Handle


This fits ANY hardtop with a lever type handle.  The length or look are not important.

Price includes free delivery.

New handle with 2 keys that fits all hardtops which do not have a recessed handle or a push in lock.  If yours has a pull down handle like this one, it will fit.  For example, it fits Carryboy, SJS, Adventurer, AT Avenger, Aeroklas, genuine Mitsubishi made (for 2006-15 L200), Truckman & many more. This will NOT fit any Snugtop, or any Alpha which has a recessed handle.

The length of your handle is not important.  The only important part is the distance between the 2 parts of the handle that go through the holes in the glass door.  & all models with a lever handle are the same, within 2mm.

If you are unsure if this will fit yours, send me a photo of your hardtop & your existing handle, & the make if you know it.

ON TRUCKMAN LUXURY OR GRAND HARDTOPS  & ASX ONLY – This handle fits & works perfectly.  The lug on this handle fits where the threaded stud on the old handle was. However, if your hardtop is wired to your vehicle’s central locking (It is usually only on a Truckman Luxury or Grand hardtop), the central locking will not operate this handle. Obviously you can lock & unlock it with the keys provided.


Your old handle may have a stud & 10mm nut holding it on to the glass as well as the main large nut behind the lock.  That extra stud & nut is not important.  The lug on my handle fits in the hole in the glass, & keeps it in place perfectly.

Before you remove your old handle, make sure you take photos of where the spring & the spring retaining ring go on the back of the handle.  This is very important, as if you forget, you won’t be able to get the handle working correctly!

When you remove the 10mm bolt from the back of the handle mechanism, very carefully remove the mechanism where the 2 rods attach.  If you just pull this off, the spring behind it could ping off, & if you lose it, the handle will not work!

I can swop these over in 10 minutes.  But if you have never done one before, it may take you an hour.  The worst bit is getting the spring back on afterwards!!! On some hardtops where the spring is very tight, I find the best way to do this is hook the end of the spring over the lug on the retaining ring under the large nut, but don’t try to put the spring onto the lug of the mechanism yet.  First make sure the handle is locked, or it will fall out.  Fit the mechamism (you may need to push the handle in from the outside to expose enough of the square peg to fit the mechanism on). Do up the 10mm nut losely, but tight enough so it is on the square peg & won’t turn around… but you can wiggle it in & out a little.  Then use a screwdriver & pull the spring around & behind & onto the lug on the mechanism, while pulling the side of the mechanism with the lug towards you to make room for the spring to pass behind the lug. When the spring is on, tighten the nut. Don’t over tighten the nut, or the handle may be very stiff.

On some (very few including Aeroklas) the 2 holes for mounting the handle are about 2mm closer together, so you need to trim off the a small part of the rubber seal at the handle base on the glass side. You only need to cut off half of the circle of the 2mm deep circular part which fits inside the large round hole in the glass. Cut off the half closest to the centre of the handle to make this part of the seal flush with the rest of the seal. Press the seal onto the glass door without the handle first, to check it sits flat. Then fit the handle.